Tapas ~ Little Dishes


Beef meatballs baked in a spiced tomato, chili and garlic sauce

Sticky Asian style coca cola chicken wings

Garlic potatoes with chorizo, prawns, paprika, chili & tomato

Wok fried vegetables with crispy belly pork & Peking duck glaze

Oven baked chicken tikka fillets with raita

La Luna style ‘signature’ crispy beef with chili jam

Sweet & sour Singapore style chili ribs

Feta, cucumber, rocket & roasted pepper salad with a ‘Mojito’ style dressing

Wok fried piri-piri mushrooms with garlic & parsley

Stir fry of Arborio rice ‘Paella style’ with chicken, chorizo, squid, prawns, samphire & tomato

Fish n chips

Goat cheese, red onion and sweet potato bhaji with mint yogurt dip


All at £3.95 each or 3 for £10.95


Sharing Platters

Continental platter: - Cheese, salami and chicken liver parfait with selection of bread and crackers, chutney, sun-blushed tomatoes and rocket £13.95

Luna Platter: - Garlic bread, pitta & hummus, crispy beef, chips & aioli, chicken tikka £12.95


Nibble away!


Selection of home-baked continental breads, marinated olives, parmesan chunks, olive oil and homemade balsamic syrup £5.95

Garlic and parsley ciabatta £2.95

Chargrilled pitta bread with homemade hummus dip £3.95

Nachos with cheese sauce & tomato salsa £3.95

Bucket of twice cooked homemade chips £3.50

Marinated olives £2.95

Mixed cashew, roasted and chilli peanuts £1.95

Bombay mix £1.95


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